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No more chaos!

Looking for an invoicing software? Our online invoicing service includes everything you need, from issuing a invoice to recording a payment. A user-friendly, all-in-one, accessible from anywhere and 100% compliant with the law solution.

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It's fast and convenient for any business.
Our online invoicing service gives
you a clear overview of each invoice,
receipt, notice and
delivery note issued.

Franz - online invoices

Your data is secure and confidential.

This is our promise and our priority.

Encrypted connections.

We respect the standard used by internet banking apps.

Database replication.

Done in real-time on independent hardware systems.

Cloud instances.

Permanent monitoring.

Archives and activity reports.

Receive regular invoice archives and activity reports.

Your data is safe.

Disclosure to third-parties requires your authorization.

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Online payment collection.

Once issued, the invoice is instantly send via email. The client can issue the payment by credit/debit card, Paypal, Revolut etc.

Remote-friendly invoicing.

You only need a device with internet connection to start invoicing. The operations on our platform are protected and secure in our cloud instances.

Automated invoicing flow.

Set up custom
recurring invoicing
according to your

No more late payments.

Your clients receive regular
notifications about
overdue invoices.

Multilingual options.

You can extend your business to foreign customers.
Invoices can be issued in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Hungarian.

Custom app integration.

Our software can be integrated with WooCommerce, PrestaShop or through API.

BONUS: multiple invoice templates.

We offer a selection of differently styled templates. Make your choice based on the client, purpose of invoice, service or product.

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Plans & Pricing

Different solutions for different business needs: from free to convenient.

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3 documents
1 user
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basic subscription - online invoicing app


7 EUR +vat

25 documents
2 users
free trial
standard subscription - online invoicing app


10 EUR +vat

250 documents
10 users
free trial
business subscription - online invoicing app


15 EUR +vat

1000 documents
25 users
free trial
premium subscription - online invoicing app


30 EUR +vat

∞ documents
∞ users
free trial
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