What are you invoicing today? News

15 sep

Easily adaptable orders

The Orders section allows you to generate and customize a wide variety of documents, whether they are sales documents (offers, orders, payment notifications, etc.) or purchase documents (price requests, purchase orders, stock orders, etc.).

12 sep

New markers

When editing the emails accompanying your documents, or the header and footer notes of your documents, the markers TOTAL_AMOUNT and DOCUMENT_TOTAL will be replaced with the total amount of the issued document.

11 sep

WooCommerce invoice resending

Extended WooCommerce plugin to allow the resending to customers of invoices generated from online orders (individually or in batches).

4 sep

New Stripe notification

Stripe integration warning if the total value on an invoice generated as a result of an online payment does not match the amount collected.

7 aug

A better management of your subscription

It is now easier to choose or change your subscription. All the details are conveniently located in a single place and presented in a clear table format so you compare options and choose the subscription that best suits your business needs.

21 jul

New formats for uploading your logo and stamp

In addition to .jpg, .jpeg, and .png, now you can also upload your company logo and stamp using the .webP or .pdf formats.

12 jul

Extended support for automatic invoicing from online collections through Stripe

If you automatically generate invoices from online payments through Stripe, we have improved the integration to include even more e-commerce systems.

4 jul

Issuing invoices for worked hours directly from the client dashboard

Using the work logs? With just one click, you can generate invoices (or proformas and orders) based on worked hours, directly from the client dashboard.

26 jun

Improved data collection for automatically Generated Invoices from Stripe Online Payments

Improved data collection for customer and for products/services when the invoice is issued after the client pays online through Stripe.

20 jun

Client dashboard now contains projects and work logs

The client dashboard contains two new tabbed sections: projects and work logs. You will also find details about projects and work logs in the client dashboard exported as PDF.

6 jun

Smart Spreadsheet Imports

When you import a file (invoice lines, clients, products, or work logs), the application identifies and associates the columns in the import table. So you don’t need to follow rigid import templates. Just use whatever import file is best for you, and the app will understand your data. If errors do arise, you can correct the column association before the actual import.

31 may

Enhanced Work Logs

When you add a work log, certain fields will already be filled with data from your most recent logs. This will speed things up for you, especially when entering multiple work logs at once. And if the data pre-filled by the application does not match your project, you can easily make changes.

22 may

Import Work Logs from Excel

Now you can import your work logs data from Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or Google Sheets files.

17 may

Notifications for Invoice Email Delivery Status

It happens that you send invoices directly from the application and make mistakes when entering email addresses or there may be issues with the client's email servers.
From now on, you will automatically be notified if your invoice email has not been delivered, regardless of whether the issue is temporary and the retransmission is attempted automatically, or if it's a permanent error.

24 apr

Automatically Generate Invoices from Online Payments through Stripe

If your payment process initially relies on online payments through Stripe, you now have the ability to generate and automatically send the corresponding invoice for the client's transaction.
This feature works with any platform that implements payments through Stripe, including our own woocommerce plugin.