What are you invoicing today?

Online invoicing and online payment (Stripe)

First you invoice. Then you get paid. Get paid faster by using our integration with the online payment processor Stripe.
Set up a Stripe account to get your online payment link. Integrate your Stripe account with and the payment link will be included on all your invoices and proformas. You can also add the link to all the emails and notifications sent out from our platform. Now any client can pay your invoices online using their credit card or any other method accepted by Stripe. The payment is automatically registered, the invoice is closed and email confirmations are sent. Quickly and without a hassle.

Add an online payment option to your invoices using Stripe

You must have a Stripe account.

After registering and validating your company details with Stripe, we need the following details to set up the integration with

  • publishable key
  • secret key
  • webhook signing secret

Now follow these steps to enable the integration with Stripe.

A friendly and intuitive interface will make the intergration fast and easy. The transfer and storage of data is encrypted.