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How are late fees calculated on invoices issued by recurrents?

Only invoices issued by recurrents with penalty calculations will automatically contain penalties.

When issuing an invoice from a recurrent with penalties, the following invoices will generate penalties:

– all opened invoices

– all closed invoices for which a payment or receipt has been registered for the period for which the invoice is issued

Other closed invoices *will not* incur penalties.

The reason for 2. is given by the following example:

* we assume the existence of subscription A

* Subscription A generated the F1 bill on January 1, due on January 15th

* F1 invoice was fully paid and closed on January 25th

* Subscription A will generate the F2 invoice on February 1 and will include penalties for the F1 invoice, 10 days delay for January 15-25 period.

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