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How do I add a new product / service?

Introducing a new product / service into the product list in your account on helps you add invoices faster and avoid possible mistakes more easily.

There are three ways to add a product:

  1. From the application home page, following the steps:

– Click ‘Products’ in the main horizontal menu.

– Click on ‘+ Add new product’ button;

– Complete the product or service data and remember to save.

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– click on ‘+Add new product’ button;

– completes product or service data, and remember to save.

– From now on, whenever you issue an invoice or a proforma, you can select from the list, the product or service you sell; price fields and unit of measure will automatically populate into the invoice.

  1. From the invoice editing page, clicking the circle button in the image, after completing the fields in the invoice:

From the home page, access the ‘+ Add’ button, then click on ‘Product’. Fill in the fields as in the image shown in 1. and save.