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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I add a receipt?

There are three ways to add a receipt:

1. From main menu

– click on ‘+Add’, then select ‘Receipt’

How do I add a receipt? - step 1

2. Starting from the invoice for which you want to add a receipt

– from the list of invoices, click ‘+’ that is on the same line as the one you are interested in

How do I add a receipt? - step 2

3. Directly from the details invoice view page, click on ‘Add a receipt’

How do I add a receipt? - step 3

If you issue the receipt for the full amount on the invoice, do not forget to close the invoice as paid.

*Other important information:*

– when you have a long list of invoices or if you have to issue a receipt for an older invoice, it may be harder to find that invoice directly from the chronological list: we advise you to use searching options.

– the receipt number will automatically fill in after you define a series (find out here how to define a document series).

– find out here how to change the receipt design / template (for example, you can choose the invoice and the receipt to be on the same sheet).

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