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How do I enable account activity reports and the total invoiced report

The application allows you to activate the account activity report and the monthly total invoiced.

To activate, follow the steps:

Click on ‘Configurations’;

Edit Alt Text

Then  ‘Periodic reports’;

Edit Alt Text

Here you can enable the  periodic report that include detailed information about the activity of the users within this account by clicking the box shown in the image.

Set the e-mail and the frequency.

Follow the same procedure with the Amounts invoiced Monthly report , except that in this case, we set the reporting period and the report creation day.

E.g. 1: if the reporting period is 1 month and the day is 10, then on February 10th you receive the report for January 1-31.

E.g. 2: if the period is 3 months and the day is 15th, then on 15th of April you get the report for the period January 1st – March 31st.