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Online invoice is not electronic invoice

Online invoicing is a 100% legal procedure. It is actually an effective alternative to issuing invoices using standard invoices (pre-printed or made in Ms Office).

However, it should be noted that the online invoice is not the same as the electronic invoice and that you can not issue electronic invoices by

In fact it is much simpler to issue online invoices – everything in accordance with the law through Online invoices must not contain any signature or stamp, and you can issue and send them to the clients in 2 minutes. Without any hassles and no roads to finance.

The procedure for issuing electronic invoices is complicated and involves a number of administrative financial efforts on the part of the issuer. Generally, only large companies only affords  to issue electronic invoices because it requires strict conditions imposed by law.

For example, the issuer must have the appropriate technical and human resources to guarantee the security, reliability and continuity of electronic data processing services.

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