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How do I export a group of invoices to SAGA?

To export multiple invoices in SAGA, you must:

  1. Go to the ‘Invoices’ menu

*using search criteria, generate the invoices report you want to export (for example, all invoices issued so far);

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*click on ‘SAGA’ link, above the result list;

2. From the ‘Invoices’ menu, check the box next to the invoices you want, then click ‘Export’ and ‘Export Saga’ above the result list.

*A zip archive will be generated with all of these invoices;

*Save and unzip the zip file. Remember the director where you unzipped it;

*Then go to ‘SAGA’ and import the files from the directory where you unzipped the zip file.

3. You can also download Saga invoices from the ‘Invoices’ menu, check the box next to the invoices, then click ‘Download’ and ‘Saga’ above the result list.