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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay for my subscription?

When and how do I get the invoice?

Invoices for the subscriptions are issued on the 15th, before the invoicing period. For example, if your subscription starts in January, your invoice will be issued on December 15th. If you exceed the number of documents included in the subscription, we will invoice them at the end of the month – but only after the total due exceeds 20 EUR invoiced.

Invoices are sent *exclusively by e-mail*. Signing and stamping are no longer required so we do not send invoices by post – it is enough to print the invoice received by e-mail and you can enter it in the accounting.

How can I pay the invoice?

*The subscription can be paid by bank transfer to the account specified on the invoice or online, by credit card.

What happens if I delay the payment?

Read more details here.

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