What are you invoicing today? News

17 mar

Automatic recurring issuance of invoices, proformas and orders

The subscriptions(recurrents) defined by you can now issue both invoices and proformas or orders.

15 mar

Add stamps to your invoices

We've added a new feature: Invoice Stamps. Now you can easily personalize your invoices (and other documents) with your companies stamp. Simply upload an image of your stamp and choose its placement within the invoice.

9 mar

Filtering invoices by client country

We have introduced a new filtering criteria, namely the client's country. This way, you can easily filter "domestic" and "foreign" invoices.

25 jan

Generation of invoices automatically upon payment of an order or proforma

You can now configure proformas and orders to automatically generate an invoice when a payment is added.
The generated invoice will include all positions in the order/proforma, and all recorded payments will be automatically associated with the created invoice.

10 jan

Expanding user rights/permissions

Your account user permissions can be configured more granularly, allowing you to determine on an individual basis if a user can:

  • add payments to your invoices, proforma invoices, and orders
  • delete invoices and other documents
  • view other users
5 jan

Expanding Stripe Integration - automatically generate invoices for payments

We have expanded our Stripe integration to automatically generate invoices for all payments processed through the platform.

The invoice information will be derived from the metadata contained within the Stripe callback payloads. To support this new feature, we have also updated our e-commerce plugins to ensure seamless integration.

16 nov

A new document type: orders

You can now create a new type of document: orders. Orders can subsequently be transformed into invoices or notices. You can also configure the order so that a invoice will automatically be generated upon payment.

This workflow can be very useful if you want to issue invoices only after payment. Obviously orders can also be paid online by your customers.

Here you can see some sample orders.

6 oct

Extended invoice emailing features

We added some advanced features for sending your invoices via email to multiple destinations. You can now choose the sending method to multiple destinations: CC (all recipients will know each other's addresses) and BCC (recipients will not know each other's addresses)
You can also choose a date and time to schedule email delivery of multiple invoices instead of sending them instantly.

11 may

Extended Excel Export for Invoices

We've added a new extended invoices export which will be particularly useful for invoices with multiple currencies. All relevant numeric values (totals, VAT, etc...) are contained in both currencies. Additionally the export contains data about the invoice locale, exchange rate and branch office.

5 apr

Permission system extended for Branch Offices

You can now associate one or multiple branch offices to every user. The associated branch offices can than be used by the user when creating invoices or other documents.

9 feb

Easier bank accounts management

You can now add banks and bank accounts from the invoice form directly

21 jan

Scheduled/Delayed document sending

You can now choose the date and time for the email delivery of a invoice, contract or other document.

14 jan

Formatting currency and other numeric values

Specify decimal separator, thousands delimiter and number of decimals for currency and other numeric values shown in the invoices. Details here.

20 dec

Custom invoice table cell alignments

Align table header, body and footer cells within the invoice tables according to your preferences. Details here.

11 dec

Custom numeric format for quantity values

Customize the numeric format of quantity values shown in invoices with the desired number of zeros after the decimal delimiter. Read more here.