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How do I add a subscriber?

Once you have created a recurrent and you have defined an invoice template , you can go to the next step, that is, add subscribers to that recurrent.

Let’s continue the example from step 1 and proceed to  step 2 namely the hosting recurrent:

– Click ‘Others’, then ‘Recurrents’, then click on the desired recurrent name, where you find the ‘+ New subscriber’ button and click on it;

Edit Alt Text

Edit Alt Text

  • In the new open page, I first select the client to become a subscriber;

– We have completed the date on which the subscription will begin and the date on which it will end (if there is a contract that does not have the end time, we do not complete the ‘End at’) boxes;

– I left the issue day defined in step 1 How to add a recurrent (you can change the day of issue if it is needed for a particular client);

– We have specified that for this client we have already invoiced hosting services by November 2020, so the first invoice issued for this client will cover the November-January 2021 period.

(normally you do not have to fill in the ‘Invoiced until’ field, it will update automatically every time the recurrent runs);

– As email I put the address where the client will receive the invoices;