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How do I define an invoice for a recurrent?

After you have added a new recurrent, to be able to issue recurrent invoices, you first need to define an invoice model for that recurrent. Let’s take an example of a hosting service recurrent (hosting site):

– At ‘Name’ I have written the name of the recurrent and the variable Contract (defined at the previous step when we have created the recurrent.)

– At the Unit Measure we put ‘month’.

– At the quantity we put 3 ( the same number of months that we specified when we created the recurrent.)

– As a standard price recurrent, at the ‘unit price’ we put 30 EURO.

(If you choose a recurrent with a variable price, the price of the first line item in the invoice model will be ignored and will be overwritten with the value of the variable PRICE_1)

– You can also add discounts, expedition data, etc. as for any other invoice (learn more about how to add an invoice).

– At ‘Lower annotation’ we used CONTRACT variable, so that for each subscriber the corresponding contract number will be passed to the invoice.

– Save invoice template.

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