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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use the permissions system?

As long as the permissions system is inactive you can only have administrators users (with full rights and access to all documents) or pioneer users (who can only introduce work logs on projects). Find out more about users type and about how to add new users.

How do you add restricted users?

  1. Activate permissions system

– Click on ‘Company profile’, then ‘Users’ and click on the green button ‘Enable’

Edit Alt Text

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– Ready, the permission system is now active and you can restrict existing user's access or create new users who have restricted access from the beginning.

  1. Add a restricted user

– From the list of users, click on the icon to change the data from the user you are interested in;

Uncheck the ‘Account admin (can make any changes)’ box in the newly opened window containing the user’s data;

– Remember to save;

– If you want to restrict the rights of a new user, then when you create his account all you have to do is NOT TO CHECK the ‘Account admin (can make any changes)’ box.