What are you invoicing today? News

14 jan

Formatting currency and other numeric values

Specify decimal separator, thousands delimiter and number of decimals for currency and other numeric values shown in the invoices. Details here.

20 dec

Custom invoice table cell alignments

Align table header, body and footer cells within the invoice tables according to your preferences. Details here.

11 dec

Custom numeric format for quantity values

Customize the numeric format of quantity values shown in invoices with the desired number of zeros after the decimal delimiter. Read more here.

7 oct

Custom attributes to clients

Add more information to your clients data by using the new custom attributes feature. Read more here.

30 sep

Two-Factor Authentication

We have implemented Two-Factor Authentication using 2FA authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy.

27 jul

Online payment with

Online payments with are now available on Once activated each invoice can be payed using a automatically generated payment link. This payment link will be contained in all emails and notifications sent for the invoice, and optionally in the pdf version of the invoice itself. More details about activation and payment methods can be found here.

25 jun

Salesforce integration

Our Salesforce integration allows you to export customer, product and invoice data to your Salesforce account. More about the Salesforce integration here.

2 mar

Shopify Application

Issue and send invoices for your orders directly from Shopify store or from our website 100% automated. Instructions for installation and configuration can be found here.

22 dec

New functions available in our GraphQL API

We added filtering and search function for the various colections available through our GraphQL API. For instance you can now filter all open and unpaid invoices for a certain client or retrieve all products having a certain price.

12 dec

Add additional PDF pages to your invoices

You can now simply append (or prepend) custom PDF files to your invoices. This can be useful if you want to combine the invoice and the contract or append the warranty terms. These PDF annexes can be added for each invoice individually or as a default for all invoices.